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How works an Undercover agent

How works an Undercover agent in hazel areas?How works an Undercover agent a totally hidden process he/she has two or more actual identity and it could be changed the time to depends on the case and its priorities.
The actual process of gathering an intelligence it will only be one through an undercover agent.
In the operations, no one can know the undercover identity even they work and live with all. How works an Undercover agent.
An undercover agent lives two lives at a time an roll out it successfully. They do not be trustworthy with anyone except their operation. Their success ratio of operation only depends only on their untrustworthiness.  How to work as an undercover agent
If you want to work as an undercover agent fist you will have to choose a loneliness, an undercover agent does not be social in his/ her actual profile and protect himself/ herself to introduced.
Generally, an undercover agent live twin life at a time and do not mix up them. How works an Undercover Agents with …