New style of Black Hat Hacking (Education Video)


You can learn how to hack obviously, however there’s not a whole lot of different content to learn depending on whether it’s white, grey or black hat hacking. You could say that learning only the dirty tricks, brute forcing, cracking, etc. Is a bad start, because you’ll mostly be using and applying establish methods and software. You don’t want to be able to hack things, you want to be able to understand exactly how and why it works. 

A lot of cracking is simple use of software, on a linux operating .system 

You would need nothing but a 10 minute tutorial on youtu.
Focus your learning on coding and programming. If you know how to write programs and code, you’re going to come to a point where you need to make it safe, you will test that out, off course, and notice how easy or hard it is, and this way, you will learn the very foundational skill of hacking, rather than cracking.
You can expect to otherwise reach only a limited amount of what you’re actually able to do as a hacker. Getting a wifi password is easy, key-logging is easy, even turning on somebody’s webcam, is relatively easy. But you’re going to get caught quickly because all you know is how to use other hacker’s methods. The bastards are like magicians, never revealing their tricks, until everyone already knows them anyway.

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