To get Pre Matrimonial Investigation, what information should we give to the Detective Agency, or not?

To get Pre Matrimonial Investigation, what information should we give to the Detective Agency, or not?

As we all know, Pre Matrimonial investigation is the most serious subject of all other investigations, but people do not take it so seriously, and make it just formality, but pre-matrimonial investigation is a process to ensure a future, in which we Want to know, whether this relationship will be good for us or our child?

Whether we hire any Pre-Matrimonial investigative agency, but whatever you want to know from this Pre-matrimonial investigation, first of all let them know clearly to the Detective Agency.
Whatever information you have received, share it with the Pre-Matrimonial investigative agency.

Never deliberately misinform the detective agencies. By doing this, Investigation can go on the wrong track, and the information that is required, either can be delayed or mis-configured.

What are the reasons for getting the wrong information?

The trend of giving wrong information is being run in the pre matrimonial investigation from the beginning and the wrong information is deliberately brought to your knowledge, so that you can approve this relationship. But pre-matrimonial investigation investigates the truth in search of truth
And present them before you meet

But for some reason, if information is hidden or not told by you, then the matrimonial investigation presents the same information right before you. Because of lack of information, Investigator does not compare the right information.

In the pre-matrimonial investigation, share all the information in front of the detective agency, which is provided to you, leave it on the pre matrimonial investigator. He will give you accurate information about this future relationship.



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