Most painful and sad story of Private Investigators in India

The most painful and sad story of Private Investigators

The most painful and sad story of Private Investigators

The sad personal life of private investigators

A private investigator is a person through which the client and the detective agencies depend completely, for which they work. 

Today, we will talk about some unresolved issues, under which all private investigators are lost in the darkness of oblivion.

The life of a private investigator goes away from the general person, for that night and day are filled with hard work. Under which he is given a little bit of money, in exchange for that, his whole personal life is taken away.

If we talk about the private life of a private investigator, then his life is completely isolated from the society, because, as an investigator, he is not able to tell anyone about himself and his work.

He lied every time, his family members, friends because his profession is such that even he has to be very careful about his work.

Generally, a private investigator does not have any life. Hence most investigators hesitate to make their families. And the investigators who have families. He wants to leave this profession today.

Painful professional life of private investigators

A private investigator does not reduce the work of government detectives. Instead, the way he does his work, he is commendable. A private spy, such a task without fear, It is not possible for the common man, to think for a trained Government spy.

There is no support of any kind while working in it. And for some reason, being caught is behaved like a criminal. While working in it, 

You can see it like that, Like our Intelligence Agent (Govt. Spies) in another country. Everyone knows the truth, but an investigator is one of the biggest culprits of that time. All related detective agencies begin to neglect themselves. Now a private investigator remains completely guilty. 
He is often punished,
And many times he is saved from all this. This is the truth. A private investigator, who does not want to bring anyone to his knowledge.

private investigator and government department

If we compare a private detective to government agencies employees, it will probably be compared to hundreds of times more than that.

After getting caught by a private detective, is not the government department aware of what he was trying to accomplish his task?

And was the reason for that work illegal? Or not. If the reason for that action was not illegal, then what right was it called a criminal?

And if the reason is illegal, that detective agency and its other operatives should also be surrounded by these questions.

What are illegal?

As far as I know, all detective agencies operatives are retired from any government Departments.
 And before taking any case, he takes a good look at the fact that, there should be no interference in anyone's personal affairs.

All investigations are done only to resolve the proceedings of the court. Whose responsibility is to the police and the state administration. In such a situation, if a private investigator tries to solve it, then where is the illegal act in it?

If the police and state administration complete this task, Then why are the born of private investigators.

But, it does not matter who works or does not. the thing is, if an investigator tries to solve this task successfully and with full integrity, then what are illegal in it.

Private Investigator Training

Most private investigators in India are fully trained and experienced.
Yes, it is absolutely true that there are no such training institutes in India, but if a private investigator is experienced and trained, so their reasons are their training, which they have earned through the hard work of many years.

Most of Delhi's Old Best detective agencies conduct these training periodically. And as a certificate, they are given the post of a private investigator.

This post only goes to these Old Best Detective agencies by these agencies,
Who complete their training completely. Otherwise unsuccessful applicants are expelled from that agencies.

What are the differences between experienced and an unsuccessful private investigator candidate?

An experienced private investigator completes the planning before executing his work, only after considering all aspects, he does that work.

He brings every circumstance of failure to his knowledge in advance, so there is less chance of failure.  and a failed private investigator who does not have an experience. He just tries to prove himself with his own words, and due to its many failed attempts, many experienced private investigators have to face difficulties without any reason.

An experienced private investigator is a very intelligent being, which would not be wrong to say an intellectual.

What do you think we would like to know?

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