A woman arrested, blackmailing a married man in Greater Noida, UP on wednessday

Why a woman blackmail a married man? Know truth

woman arrested, blackmailing a married man

woman arrested, blackmailing a married man

Police arrested a 22-year-old girl on a married man's complain, 
The man is accusing that this woman was blackmailing him for a long time, And threatening to take photos of their personal relationships live on social media.

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A 22-year-old girl blackmailed a married man in Noida, even after taking 2 lakh

According to the police, the woman is from the good family of Kanpur, both of them talked (messaging) on Facebook and finally, the series of meetings was started.

Shortly after, the woman demanded Rs 2 lakh, when the boy refused, she threatened to put photos on social media. 
The boy was married and did not want to tell anyone about this relationship, so he gave 2 lakhs, After some time, the girl again demanded the money, which she threatened to put those photos on social media

The boy took refuge in the police, and the whole story was made in front of the police, The police arrested the woman from Sector 18 Noida and inquired, that this girl did not blackmail anyone else. 
After all the things were confirmed, the girl was sent to jail after presenting it to the judge

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