What is the death of 11 people in the same family?

What is the death of 11 people in the same family?

What is the death of 11 people in the same family?

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Burani, New Delhi, India Day 01 July 2018 On Sunday, 11 people of the same family commit suicide, according to the whole, people or police. This is absolutely clear, the case looks, but all people are probably far away from the truth because the evidence has been prepared in such a way that, it is very difficult to say anything. 

In the name of the Spirituality, the realization of salvation and the false thought of living by the crowd have always given the entire family a call?

Is it possible that all members of the family should join this story, would anyone have not thought of going beyond this?

Was it necessary to use this “Moksha” at all or, even two people of the family could know the truth by using this experiment?

 There are many such questions, from whom it seems that the truth behind this can be anything else. The atmosphere of happiness in the family is completely denied by the environment.

This suicide is not the result of any conspiracy. Only 11 members of one house who commit suicide in this manner indicate that anything else behind this matter can be hidden, If the truth is only that all these people have taken this step under a false thought, then there are people who are guilty in this, 

who provoked all of them to this because there are some people in the society who do not forget to commit this heinous crime behind their little greed, Keeping a family in God is a different thing, but letting someone get into the things of the society, it is really condemnable. Such crimes should be punished by genuine punishment.
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What is the death of 11 people in the same family?


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