Top 5 Emotional relationship reasons, make you cry

Top 5, knot an emotional relationship to bound up the marriage for a long. What's an emotion & how to feel?  These questions are not for those who don't have any feelings or don't understand the meaning of the relationship.

Top 5 Emotional Relationship in matrimonial life

An emotional relationship word feeling is created by God to run this earth in a family.
How a child emotionally attached to his/ her mother and a child is also attached to their parents or its family circle.

Only an emotion can make you cry and can start your heart beats with feeling someones.
An emotional feeling can change whole life to any person making an important for you.
An emotional feeling can make you die for someones who even doesn't exist in your life.
Only an emotion keeps binding up the whole family in a single knot.
Emotion relations get direction to make a family.

Finally, "AN EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIP DO NOT GO TO END OF RELATION" even after they die or end of the world. 

An emotion leaves a permanent imprint on your heart. You can never feel other people only of the emotions.

A dangerous point of emotion is that you could die if you fail in an emotional relationship. But this doesn't end. After you die, you keep wanting to live your relationship, want to live even after. 
The second meaning of Love is emotion. Emotion exists everywhere. You say An emotional relationship is GOD.

Emotion makes you cry and feel you better. Only of the emotions you succeed or fail in the life.
Take care, my friends.

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