Luxury Vehicle Cloning Frauds

Vehicle Cloning: Vehicle Cloning frauds are rising in India

Vehicle Cloning Frauds: The social insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is that the nation’s premier not-for-profit organization dedicated completely to fighting insurance fraud and vehicle Cloning.   and is that the sole organization within us that convenes the collective resources required to forestall, observe and deter these crimes.  Its mission is to forestall and combat insurance fraud and crime although information Analytics, Investigations, Training, Legislative support, and Public Awareness.

The Facts

Enterprising criminals still invent new scams to mulct insurers and customers. One innovative vehicle Cloning theme involves repetition a vehicle number from a lawfully in hand and documented vehicle sitting in a very automobile parking space or vehicle business. The VIN is then used because the basis to make counterfeit VIN tags.

Vehicle Cloning Scams are rising in India

The next step within the biological research method is to steal a vehicle almost like the one from that the criminal raised the legitimate VIN. The taken vehicle’s legitimate VIN tag is replaced with the counterfeit one. With this counterfeit tag, the taken vehicle is currently a “clone” of the initial vehicle that was lawfully in hand and innocently places in a very ton. With the counterfeit VIN tag, the taken vehicle will simply be oversubscribed while not detection by government agencies.

To complete the situation, criminals can produce counterfeit possession documents for the cloned vehicle or acquire the possession documentation under false pretenses. They use this phony documentation to sell the taken vehicle to Associate in Nursing innocent vendee.

Vehicle biological research could be an extremely profitable crime. automobile thieves typically travel across the state and international borders to sell cloned vehicles at the very best costs. Most licensing agencies don't check for duplicate possession once Associate in Nursing out-of-state possession document is given, therefore the odds of discovery are low. it's conjointly straightforward to at the same time insure identical VIN in several locations.

Fraud hindrance Tips

The social insurance Crime Bureau suggests that to avoid getting a cloned vehicle:

– Check the vehicle’s VIN with applicable government agencies or your state bureau of automobiles.
– Analyze the possession pattern for any new or late model vehicle with no lien holder.
– use caution concerning getting a second user vehicle from a private running an advertisement and employing a mobile phone variety.

– Conduct a title search of the vehicle.

– If potential, have your insurance company examine the vehicle before purchase.
– Trust your instincts: If you don’t just like the answers or the deal sounds too sensible to be true, walk away!
If you believe INSURANCE FRAUD OR Cloning, SPEAK UP! decision THE NICB
TOLL-FREE HOTLINE…1.800.TEL.NICB (1.800.835.6422). YOUR decision IS FREE.
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