Matrimonial Investigation: How To Save Money with Matrimonial Investigation?

Save your hardcore money to learn, how to Investigate Pre Matrimonial Investigation.

How to save your money with Matrimonial Investigation

Dear Friends, I am a private Investigator of the Matrimonial case has been done lots of Pre Matrimonial and Post Matrimonial Cases with 99% success ratio. It's easy to find out the fact and truth if you have a good cover story to investigate the pre Matrimonial cases.
Most of the investigator who investigates the Pre Matrimonial Investigation don't know the method how to investigate the pre-matrimonial investigation and most of the results go wrong or fail.

Then see how to investigate the pre-matrimonial case?

Character Check of the subject 

Save money with Pre Matrimonial

1- If you think the subject younger then your and crazy to talk to girls then it is compulsory to take his/ her character because into days fast life he/ she must have a girl/ boyfriend. and the questions are how to track his/ her to find out the exact situation of her/ his current or past affairs.

1- Talk to her/ his on the phone to free gift offer that should be related to couples only and try to ask him/ her boy/ girlfriend name and address, if the affair is casual or serious then they must agree to accept your gift and will give very useful information about their affair.

2- If the subject is the boy then the Tele-caller investigator should be a pleasant-spoken girl and try to understand him and casually offer him to meet her to get your offer and ask him for his personal mobile number. this trick can be used twice in a day if the subject is taking interest in talking then you can go for a long to investigate the other credential of the case.

3- If the subject is the girl, the investigation method will completely be changed, most girls do not take interest in unknown persons then you will give the same offer to her and ask her most of the information.

4- Profession - Subject's professional is very most important to investigate what does he/ she get from his/ her office/ business. in the most of cases, subject tells a lie and hide their information of profession. you can take a cover story of free offers if the subject isn't getting sufficient then he/ she will agree to take your offer and you can ask every credential of the case.

If He/ She is good in financial and getting good income then he/ she may be denied or can accept your offer. you can later verify this information from his office easy to give reference to this call.

5- Parents image and background- In Pre matrimonial cases, the parental investigation is quite necessary because some relation may destroy because of parents. For Parental background, you can take a cover story of govt. references, if parents give every information without hesitation fluently, no doubt the family of the subject very impressive.

And this relation will be good for every angle. If the parents denied giving an answer and asking frequently, why do you asking this asking to produce your ID card? then you will have to investigate every parameter to get the ride in this relationship. or it is better to leave this relation at once.

6- Other information can get easily from various departments on the pay small amount.

You can save your money by doing the pre-matrimonial investigation by own. 


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