Detective Agency: What does a private investigator or private eyes do in wedding Investigation

Detective Agency, What does a private investigator or private eyes do in wedding Investigation

what does a private Detective do in shadi plannings
What does a private investigator do in wedding investigation
A Private Detective or private eyes works for private clients for general cases like pre-matrimonial investigation, Post Matrimonial, Love Affairs, Theft, Missing Persons, and Cyber crime Investigations.. A pre matrimonial investigation is very compulsory terms to investigate. If you are arranging a relationship, you do not know very much about the family and subject.

What is a private eyes?

A private eyes knows as a private investigator, works under a licensed detective agency, their style and methods are unique and technical, they approached to subject and his/ her family with a suitable cover story to find out the facts. in between the inquiries, Nobodies knows what is going on and why are they asking the questions.

Defaulter relationship hides the information dramatically and make lots of mistakes to hide them. A private investigator finds the mistakes and revealed the truth of the family and subject. Only an expert "private eyes" can get the correct information secretly.

Wedding and relationship

Wedding a holy knot in a married life and relationship should go to long life. We sure, you don’t want to suffer your love once due to this small efforts. Because you child/ children are everything for you.
You just need to care when you approach a new relationship online, newspaper and even the very much known relationship. Most of the people think that they know everything about their friends but this is our experience, In today life, nobody knows about anyone.

A detective (Private eyes) or a private investigator can solve this problem. 
Pre Matrimonial investigation can be approach to know the facts about pre relationship as are;

Boy/ Girl – Character

Character verification of the subject
Character investigation Agency in Delhi
If you are approaching a new relationship for your child then you must know the character of his/ her because most of the relationship (wedding) depends on the character of the subject. If Boy/ Girl is already having a relationship with a Girl/ Boy, then your child married life may suffer because this previous relationship. I’m sure no one is exit on the earth who can accept the extramarital affair of their spouse. Finally this relationship end due to this.

According to our experience, Most of Girls and Boys with having affairs, some affairs and casual and some are normal.

We can understand, that normal affairs come into friends circle, 65% cases may not suffer their life. But other 35% cases may be cause.

And the serious Affair cases must destroy the life of your child. But question is that no one knows this type relationship, and finally suffers an innocent child without his/ her fault.
Only a private detective agency’s private investigator can stop this and can save your child/ children life.

Parent’s background, social reputation, image and financials

Beckground checking of parents, Marriage Investigations
Parents background check, Pre Matrimonial 
Second thing is to investigate the subject’s parents, because in India, Marriage or wedding is not a relation for only couples. A wedding or shadi joints two families. Most of the family only approaches those families whose parents are sufficient and well established.

But in the most of the cases, defaulter families, five fake statements and hide most of the useful information to get ride to approach good family. Some families don’t know realities and also they are innocent.
A Detective can give you the facts about the pre matrimonial relationship.

How to find a 'detective agency' in India to get ride on pre matrimonial investigation.
Wedding Investigation is top secret matter, and should be done by an experienced private investigator or private eye. Experience private investigator keeps all information secret and inquired discreet inquiries without knowing anyone. This is most important thing is to investigate the wedding inquiries.

Most of the private eyes don’t know how to enquire a pre matrimonial investigation and do mistakes when they enquire the neighbor areas and friends circle. This is very important that not to disclose any name of the relation even the relationship, why is enquiries done.
Shadi infidelity investigations by private eyes
Shadi is a holy knot and cannot break through infidelity. We know infidelity investigation is not exits on pre matrimonial relationship but character investigation is known infidelity investigations.  If Boy/ Girl is having any affair (current/ Past), they should be investigated by these angles. If they found suspect with the both of the angles. The final report may lead negative these types relationship cannot go long.

What does means of private eye or private investigator?

Top 10 Investigators in India
Top 10 private Investigators in Delhi, India
Private eyes or private investigator, both names and working are the same. A private eyes or private investigator is a very intelligent person, who approaches the subject (suspect) director into his/ her premises with bare hands. They don’t have any arm to save his/ her life when they face problems. A private eyes or private investigator have an intelligent mind to protect himself / herself and gets the intelligence successful directly from the subject.

Most of the investigator do not have own family because this profession, they don’t believe to anyone except their profession. An investigator is a quick relation person, they act without delay.
There are two types of private eyes or private Investigator
1-      Surveillance Investigator
2-      Enquiry Investigator

Surveillance investigator

Surveillance investigator is a quick action and energy person, who are fit physically and best bike and car rider to catch the subject.  He/ she judges the follow up and plan up schedule to catch the subject. Surveillance Investigation is very dangerous, most of the investigators are fail to followed up to subject and give excused to authorities to prevent themselves. But they are not fit to go through case.
An expert surveillance investigator, only expert will not leave the subject at any cost; he/ she will maintain the vehicle distance and act like a operation. Technical problems can understand but the other things just are the excuses.

Most of the cases, Female cannot do the surveillance, she does only assist to Investigator and cover up them.
Local Police is the main problem of surveillance Investigators. Because an investigator cannot revealed anything to any authority without getting permission from clients.

Inquiry Investigator

How a private Investigator survive without family
Life of Private Investigators
An enquiry investigator or "private spy" is a real intelligence gathering officer in the private detective field; they directly approach to subject in their house without hesitation and get every information easily by just using their mind.

An enquiry investigator is a perfect investigator and act multi-faced directions, most of public don’t know him/ her. They act as a normal person and get every information for their client.
These type investigators are well educated and are experienced, having knowledge of most of the enforcement agencies, some investigators have worked for them and left due to some reasons and acting in private detective platform.

Private eyes gadgets are spy cameras, mobile phone apps, computer software, education and their sharp mind. An investigator does not lift any arm to protect or hit anyone. They act with their sharp and protect our society and also clean up the crime.

Local Police authorities and Private Investigators relations
Most of the local authority does not like a private detective, private eyes or a private investigator. They react with as a criminal even they knows well about them that they are well educated as comparison to them.

In most of the cases (If caught an Investigator), a police constable deal with him/ her. Police constable knows everything, but reacts, don’t know anything……………. And more situations knows very well what will after that.

But an investigator wants to stop everything without publicity because they are spy, not local authority police persons. If an investigator want to leave proper way, most of the local police persons cannot deal with them anyway.


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