Live in relationship and marriage problems

Are you facing Live in relationships and its marriage problems

Live in relationship and couple rejection fear
Live in relationships and marriage problems
In the modern era, one new relationship found Live in relationship most of the persons are living in live in relationship as a short terms life partners for a limited period, which has been permitted by society, as called a legal relationship. But most of life in relationship bound in one knot as life partners and live long life peacefully but some relationship may not go along due to share everything before marriage.

How many marriage problems after getting live in relationship

Live in relationship and marriage problems, some boys and girls things that we shall choose our life partner after taking a time and occupying his/ her life in a house, which is called a home for a short but after some time they share everything even their physical relationships and they look bored of their presence physically and mentally in a house and relationship comes to end. But some relationships go long and bound a marriage knot as life partners. This type relationship makes a history as an idol couple.

According to a survey, is live in relationship legal in India?

Is Live in Relationships legal in India or not?
Is Live in Relationship legal in India?
In India Domestic violence act 2005 purview “live in relationship”, women having accompanied with a man “In a relationship a spouse” may be registered a case if she abused. In India, a life in an act like a married couple, are not friends. If the boy makes a physical relationship and leaves her with making fun, she can knock the door of court and registered a complaint against the boy.

Live in relationship and marriage problems before marriage

Nowadays, pre-matrimonial investigations are quite necessary to take a decision to choose a life partner. Some parents and married couples are aware to investigate the relationship of the subject means marriage person, especially ‘live in relationship and marriage problems’ angle. If they found (parents and bride or groom) any live-in relationship in the pre-matrimonial relationship, immediately they refuse for marriage.

After having live in relationship with both boys and girls, there are lots of problems to get a better partner for them. It is right India is not been developed in Europe or United State countries. There don’t have any place to live in relationships in India, If they found, not sure, you can get the right partner.

Live in relationship and marriage problems after getting married

Some live in relationship successfully is done and get marriage knot. Everyone was agreed with you. You are very happy to take this relationship, you plan everything before and after the marriage and perform like a successful one that you got world’s every happiness. You and your life partner are very happy with you. But can you imagine one thing? One day your spouse asked a question that but did you do if you don’t get with me what will you do next? Will you live another relationship as live in partner or accept without life in? I am sure; you don’t have an answer to this question. Live in the relationship must be affecting your present married life.

How to affect live in relationship to present married life.

How to affect live in relationship to married life
How to affect life in Relationship to present married life?

Pros and Cons of “live in relationships and marriage problems” in Hindustan India.

The couple before their marriage they want to each other in most of the ways and they want to confirm their relationship through live in relationship if they both are feeling compatible with each other. They convert this live in relationship into married life. If they do not feel compatible with each other for two years, they both separate from this relationship.

The top disadvantage of live in relationship and marriage problems, how couple affects it?
A top disadvantage of live in relationship is social acceptance, these types relationships don’t have acceptance by family and social circle and not been awarded by our Indian culture. Live in relationship looks like the in-legal relationship. Most of the couples have a fear of marriage rejection. This is the main cause of the problem of this relationship.


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