Difference between Detective Agency private spy or Investigator and Intelligence officer

 Difference between Detective Agencies private spy or Investigator and Intelligence officer?

Agents Vs Private Spy
A Private Investigator works for private clients,

called private spy just like a top-secret spy agents who act in top Intelligence but he/ she performs their working in totally hidden without anyone even their colleagues or their love once because he/ she are passionate about their work and bound to not to disclose anything to anyone.

Generally private detective agencies perform for only individual’s means private or corporate sectors but nowadays private spies are performing well as comparisons to professional intelligence officer who are working for their countries even in top 10 Intelligence agencies of the world, the reason is only that they getting information only from their inbound sources and they aren’t bound to get information for a limited period. But its opposed a Detective Agency’s private spy performs well because he/ she reports day to day to his/ her authority. His good income only depends on his good performance without delay. He/ She can perform for a long life only for his specializations.
Private Investigator Vs Intelligence officer

But a Government Intelligence officer cannot perform due to his/ her double responsibilities. Most of the Intelligence officers are sold off to other hands and some are for money. But a private spy would not do the same because of the only reason.

Some Intelligence agencies have lots of lieu points only because of their agents and some of the Intelligence agencies hire a Detective Agency to perform their assignments. 

But the question arises that does a 'private spy' loyal to their work? Or not?

There are so many excuses that The private Detective Agencies may be loyal to their assignments or not for their clients, even clients are from Government Intelligence Agencies or private sector.
I just only want to talk only the matters of Indian private agents who are working as a "private spy" with loyalty and they are very aggressive to their work. 

There are lots of private Detective agencies in India especially in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata and other metro cities, some Detective agencies are very famous to their work since a long times and some are just trying to grow up, some have good experience to Investigate all type of cases like, Civil or Criminal matter and some agencies help to Government Enforcement Agencies in India and they have good experience and they also trained by special training session which is organized by Government organizations time to time.

But the question arises that Is a Private 'Detective Agency' perform as double agents for His/ Her country?
This question answer is that on behalf of all the private Detective Agencies India “NO”.
We are an Indian and we love a lot of our Nation “INDIA” We proud to be an Indian and wouldn’t perform to our anti policies which will harm our country. It’s clear. We are loyal to our nation.
Especially for outsiders countries clients, our services would be cover only private and authentic sector areas and don’t try to think vulnerabilities of our country.

For overseas client

It doesn’t mean that we don’t work for overseas clients. We serve you our services to worldwide but on authentic matters. Most of the "Detective Agencies in India" private agents are being trained by enforcement or Intelligence agency’s officer after their retirements; even some "private spy" has left from government agencies in middle to their freedom and wants to perform in private area. Whereas they are attached to their department on the assignment basis.

Wish you all 69th Republic Day celebration 2018
Wish you all Happy 69th Republic Day celebration 2018.

 "Wish you all 69th Republic Day celebration"


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